Born of a Mexican Aristocrat and an Irish immigrant, Steve McPherson spent his early years in Seattle, Washington. Lengthy stints as a travelling showman, bare-knuckle boxer, and poultry marketeer aside; Steve is a born technologist. As an American boy growing up in the 80’s he was rarely spotted without his walkie-talkie and could most often be found seated in front of his trusty Commodore PET.

His life experience has made Steve adaptive, and that in turn has prepared him for the rapidly changing global communication landscape.

When barely a youth, Steve’s parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Luckily, with the help of a kind neighbor he was saved from State housing and taken in by a Mexican troupe. Senior Quixote de la Mancha’s travelling show toured the Interstates 11 months of the year. Spirited but insolvent the community’s only real income came from Steve’s wildly popular science and curiosity performance experiments.

Fresh out of Georgetown Preparatory School, an emergent team of Internet pioneers at Microsoft invited Steve to develop cloud management and distributed computing platforms for the MSN network.  His many talents as a communicator, thinker and tinkerer now discovered; it was only a matter of time before his entrepreneurial spirit earned him the position of Director of Technology at Razorfish. There he led the Big Data and Cloud Computing revolution.

As the current Ambassador to the Future of The Pangean Embassy Steve continues to seek a future landscape even more colorful and creative than one from which he hails.

Jennifer Garza-Cuen



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