Artist Statements

Not Controllable Not Ill-Conceived

I work with text, performance and video. I am a photographer. My subjects are contemporary cultural signs and symbols, language and gender. I aim to destabilize the structures that support them.

I do not apologize and I am not sympathetic. I am direct and do not like ambiguity. I hear the catches in people’s voices, the discontent. I do not hear grays in people’s voices, only the blacks and the whites. I hear yes and no, here and there, on and off. Not maybe, or somewhere, or running at half speed.

Mimi Cabell – Photo 2011

Expressions of Intangible Culture

Skinny birch trees make a white column forest. A cleared space for the hand, mind, and tongue. Out of site, see the water through the screens. Extract the layers, then build them back. The Museum of Intangible Culture. Gallery openings 2011, 2021, 2031 …

Sanna Shah – Architecture 2011

Unfolding the Tiny Quad: Multi-Screens the Korean Way

For an interactive medium of reality.

I used to live along a river that was intertwined with a longer river that led to the sea. I enjoyed catching crabs with my friends and I remember the moisture and the coldness of sand, the hardness and the sharpness of a crab, the smell and taste of salt, an the sunset that said, “Come back home.” I’m not sure why I stopped catching crabs, whether they disappeared or if Legos and video games immersed me. However, crab-catching remains the only authentic piece of interactive nostalgia left in my life.

Byeongwon Ha – Digital + Media 2011

The Cultural Apocalypse

With digital communication and functionless objects as my muses I collaboratively and independently fuck iconoclasm.

Lee Johnson – Ceramics 2011


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