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Prompt #4

March 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Titles: With one of your art pieces in mind


  1. Write ten titles of books or films. (1min)
  2. Ten names of people or places. (1min)
  3. Ten short descriptive fragments. (5min)
  4. Write a title that:
    1. Hints at the work. (1min)
    2. Simply describes the work: (woman with dog). (1min)
    3. Holds a secret about the work. (1min)
    4. Is a punch line of the work. (1min)
    5. Anchors the meaning of the work. (1min)
    6. Put’s the work into a new context: (a winter scene – titled summer breeze). (1min)
    7. Write a title that can replace the work itself. (2min)
  1. Using your lists choose or create ten possible titles for your piece. (10min.)
  2. Cross out eight.

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