Prompt #3

February 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Prompts for an artist statement

Ask yourself, what is an Artist Statement? What does it mean?

What should it do, if anything?

  • Should it describe your art?
  • Should it make you look smart?
  • Should it place you in your time and place?
  • Does it represent your art?
  • Or is it the work itself?

Think about how you would paint, sculpt, photograph, blow or stitch words? How would you build a building out of words?  Which letters or words would you use for the beams? Which for the cement, windows, floors? How would you furnish you building with words?  

Influences & Intersections:  

  1. Make a list the artists that you are most intrigued by.
  2. Make a list of artists whose work you admire.
  3. And a final list of artist whose work you hate.
  4. Find writings about them and make a list by pulling out key words from each.
  5. Take one word from each list and link them to one of your pieces.



  1. Write a list of all of the materials you use in your work. (2min)
  2. Write a list of things you think about when you are working? (3min)
  3. Describe where you make your work: (5min)
    • Your studio, the view, what you see or hear there?
    • Turn that description into a list of key words.
  4. Take ten (10) minutes to describe in narrative form the making of the same piece, try to explain it in detail in the simplest possible terms?
  5. Rewrite it, inserting one word from your lists every fifth word.

Example: Slap something anything on stone on a piece of paper charcoal continues to throw things handwritten on this ugly build up of material voice until you realize it might voice look good to draw glue a huge rock form oil paint at the top exposed board exposed outline of charcoal, paint glass around it.Go through and edit out words that don’t work, and read aloud.

1. Take your lists and create a rhythm: 1  2 3, 4 – 1 2 3, 4 – 1 2

Example: stone sand paint glass marble clay film text frame light

2. Use one of those rhythmic sequences in a statement.


Finally, take all of this compiled information and create a draft for an artist statement.



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