Prompt #2

January 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fiction – Extended Caption

1. Write down ten names of people or animals (2min)

2. Write ten names of places (2min)

3. Describe an interior space in short fragments such as: (5min)

  • sun streamed through the blinds,
  • a purple stain on the carpet
  • a white lace shawl draped over a velvet couch
  • the blue hue of daylight

Try to notice small details: what is on the coffee table? How is it lit? etc.

4. Now take one item from each of those lists and write a sentence.  (5min)

5. Make as many individual sentences as you can, only using the information from your lists. (5min)

6. Look over those sentences and choose two that you think belong to the same story. Link the two sentences, don’t feel you need to be literal, or write away the gap. Perhaps the way you link them is through repetition or a name or by widening the space between. (10min)

7.  Now, if those sentences that you’ve just written were a film, what would the plot summery be? What genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romantic, Epic, Noir or some combination of genre? What is the back-story: Boy meets girl; femme fatal comes to a bad end; investigation; deception; resolution? (10min)

8. Choose either 6 (sentences) or 7 (plot summary), expand and edit.


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